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What's DOS?
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Direct dial?

Is there an option with the Devour to set up direct dial?  For example - holding down a number and it will automatically call the contact you have assigned to that single digit?

Also - how do you close down your browser windows?

Token Ring
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Re: Direct dial?

I think that's called speed dial.
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Re: Direct dial?

Correct!  That would be the "speed dial" feature, which DEVOUR does support.  You can see currently-set speed dial numbers by clicking on the 4th (rightmost) tab "Spd dial" of the dialing app.  Touching the menu key while on that tab will call up "Add", "Edit, and "Clear all" options.

As for closing browser windows, if you have multiple browser windows open simultaneously, touch the menu key then select the "Windows" option, you will see a small "x" icon in the lower-right corner of each open window, which will close that window.  If you only have one browser window open, you can simply hit the "Back" key to get out of the browser app.  Android is a multitasking OS and will reacquire that RAM if it becomes necessary.

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