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What's DOS?
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How do you unsync Facebook contacts in the actual phone?

I have tried manually deleting these people out of my contacts and I keep receiving the same message that I must delete them off my friends list on Facebook to get them out of my phone contacts.  There is no option like on the Droid to manage accounts.  There is 3 options on the droid to do it.  I tried wiping out the whole phone and reinstalling facebook on the motoblur but there never was an option that came up to say do not sync contacts.  Can anyone figure it out?
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Re: How do you unsync Facebook contacts in the actual phone?

Hi Pilgrimage8,

If I'm reading your post correctly, it sounds like you would like to selectively pick the Facebook contacts you sync to your DEVOUR device.  (For example, say you have 500 Fb contacts and you only want to sync 50 of them with your DEVOUR.)  If that is your intent, unfortunately, MOTOBLUR does not support that kind of feature yet.  When you select a Facebook account to sync to the device, it is going to sync all Fb contacts you have on that given Fb account.

Additionally, MOTOBLUR will allow you to filter the contacts displayed in your Contacts app.  If you touch the "Contacts:" line which should appear right above the list of contacts (for example, your phone might say "Contacts: All contacts"... touch that part of the screen) you will see a pulldown box which allows you to pick the contacts you have displayed on the list.

Thanks for the feedback,

Warren @ Moto