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What's DOS?
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My Devour keeps freezing, losing contacts, and force closing

I went to Verizon to see why my phone keeps freezing, losing contacts, and force closing. I have recently contacted technical support over the phone and they blamed it on my apps I had downloaded. When I only have maybe one if that. When I went to Verizon, the lady there tried her best to help, she said that if the phone force closes it means that the page had an error and that i am to clear the calling records and text messages at least every other day. Well it has been about 2 weeks since she has told me what to do and my phone is still force closing. When it force closes I lose all my contacts and the only way to get them back  I have to do a factory reset on it. Now today when I go to reply to a text message, I get a force close message and I have to go to the home page before I can reply. I'm becoming extremely fustrated with this phone.