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What's DOS?
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Not being able to save pictures...please help

Okay, here's the deal, a couple of weeks ago I wanted to save an image on Google's Image section and when it took me to where it is 'downloading' it says that I didn't have enough space for it. I didn't know what to do, so I think I unmounted the SD card or something and when I went back to Image section of Google to save it again, hoping I had enough space, it said the said thing over again, "No space available," or whatever. So, I looked around and got curious of Quickoffice since I've never used it. I started deleting files and such from it, also hoping it'd give me space, but it didn't. After I did all that, I can't save pictures from any site, I cannot save the pictures I take on my camera phone, and I can't save received pictures from friends. Please help...

Token Ring
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Re: Not being able to save pictures...please help

Did you try a hard reset by pulling out the battery? If you bought it from Verizon try bringing it to a Verizon store to take a look whats going on....