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What's DOS?
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Process com.motorola.blur.service.main has stopped unexpectedly (force close)

This error message keeps popping up on my phone at random times for no reason. It's happened 6 times in the time it took me to send 2 texts. It's annoying, ridiculous, and sometimes it just closes whatever I'm doing. I can't even view my contacts because that pops up and when I hit 'Force close,' it closes my contacts. Every time.

I got this phone as a replacement for my terrible first-generation Droid back in July 2010 and I never had a problem with it. I switched to a basic phone early this year and stopped using it. I loaned it to my boyfriend for about a month in mid-September, though, and that's when it started giving this error. He said it randomly restarts also. That makes me think it's something to do with a software update, but either way, it needs to be taken care of.