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What's DOS?
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Re: Random Reboots

Dear Frustrated,

Yes it's a battery problem. Design flaw from motorola only one hold down clip for the battery. My first phone lasted for a month with no reboots. Verizon sent me a replacement phone and it was in worse shape than the original. Sent it back and reactivated the first phone with less issues. Third phone lasted about a month before I tapped the front of phone accidentally on the screen and it froze on the Moto Blur screen it has at start up. Fourth phone is going fine and no loose battery issues with this phone. Some of the early batches of this phone had loose battery connections and this one could barely slide the battery in to seat properly. Phone still reboots but maybe once a week. It's a design by Motorola called the wipe or clean wipe feature with this model phone that runs the Moto Blur sytem. i'm frustrated with Verizon too. Motorola tech support told me that if I sent the phone to them and they could not fix it fix it they would replace with a new phone and new model. Went to Verizon to activate an old phone while third phone was being checked by Motorola and they insisted on sending me a new phone of the same model. So far so good. Hope this helps your frustration a little and good luck with future phones or...


What's DOS?
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Re: Random Reboots

The random reboots are a problem with every single Devour. Some may generally have it worse than others, but at the heart of the issue is the software, which Motorola refuses to update. It is not a battery seating issue, I've had the phone reboot when it's just sitting around.

One thing that I've found helps is to root the phone and get rid of all Verizon's crapware (CityID, VZ Navigator, etc.). You void your warranty by doing so, but in all honesty what good is a warranty on a phone that's essentially DOA anyway? The software on this phone makes it worthless, which is a shame since the casing is so durable. I almost threw my phone on accident once, and the worst thing that happened was it restarted itself (this time, not so randomly).

Motorola has lost itself a customer with me because of this phone. Once my upgrade is ready I'll be grabbing a nice new Samsung with a keyboard and LTE and Gingerbread. Until then, I've gotten this phone to a point where I can put up with it for a little while longer. I just wish the performance in Angry Birds weren't so deplorable.