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devour is the worst phone i ever owned!

I got this --removed-- originally last august. Since then verizon has sent me 5 different cert preowned pieces of junk. Every one of them has has problems. 1st one wouldn't save pics or even open the video camera. 2nd just kept freezing and i'd have to pull battery out several times a day. 3rd has same problem as the 1st. 4th one just went blank one nite while I was asleep. Woke up and screen was white and now I have this one and it shuts off on its own about 5 or 6 times a day. It wont let me open my contacts. This is absolutly ridiculous! And you would think after having so many issues that either verizon or motorola would let me get something different WRONG! They both just want money to purchase a different phone! What a joke! I paid $200 for the original devour and since thne I haven't had a phone that worked for a full month. I will never buy another motorola phone.

I wonder how many othe "suckers" paid money for the motorola devour? And I would be curious to know is there any of those people that have not had a problem. Everyone I know that bought the devour has similar issues like phone randomly turning off and on.

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Re: devour is the worst phone i ever owned!

After that many phones I can understand why you would want something different. I also had a Devour for a while, but I never had those problems. When you talk to Verizon are you going into the store or over the phone? Personally I would try over the phone, because that way you're not talking to someone who is in sales.

FYI, I'm also moving this thread into the Devour section of the forums

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