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What's DOS?
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whats the latest android version,devour?

Doing this for a friend who lives out of state.

she says she has android version 1.6, and was trying to help her update if possible.

What's DOS?
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Re: whats the latest android version,devour?

As far as I know; 1.6.

My girl had one; hated it.  Got it exchanged once; than complained in 1 VZW store & the VZW on the phone... they kept pushing it was fine.

We went to buy my phone (DX2) & she was going to pay the non-discounted rate to switch to blackberry & the salesperon asked what phone she had & basically said: "Yeah, that phone sucks.  I'm going to exchange it for you to a Droid 2 for free"

Try having your friend talk to VZW people about doing that.  I know they can; you just have to ask the correct person.

I basically feel (i like my motos so far, i'm now on #2) Moto & VZW screwed the pooch on this one... the keyboard is nicer than Droid's though. (that's why the girly went with this over the Droid in the first place)