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Bluetooth data to capable device

Hello, i'm extremely sorry for this delay of information, but for some reason i couldn't post anything from my tablet... Okay i'm going to try to explain my problem again but maybe it'll post this time since i'm on a pc. I'll try to cut to the chase.

Problem: My main objective is to use a motorola droid 2 and an ipad to share internet connection. The droid will provide the internet connection to the ipad through bluetooth. I have read in only two places that this is possible, and without any downloaded applications on either side. I can connect the two devices together using bluetooth and they seem to be communicating. The ipad displays the bluetooth sign and the interlocking chain links that indicate data transfer. the droid shows a stable bluetooth connection as well. everything seems to work great right? Well after using the ipad for say a speedtest or two (2mbs or so) using the droids internet connection, a problem occurs on the droid. the 3g data connection to verizon becomes disconnected and the icon disappears. Then the 3g data restarts and the icon reappears,  a couple seconds later it disconnects again and the cycle continues in an infinite loop. Meanwhile the ipad is receiving no data through the bluetooth connection. The only way to stop the 3g data cycling is to disconnect the bluetooth link between the two devices, after that the droids 3g connection becomes stable. So does anyone know what the deal is? i have many hypotheses but ill disclose those later. By the way i've looked everywhere for an answer to this and nobody, and i mean nobody seems to ask about this problem. either they don't have this problem or they don't even do this kind of thing. I've factory reset my motorola droid 2 global and done many restarts with no gain. it is unrooted fyi. thanks

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Re: Bluetooth data to capable device

Hello.  Can you provide a bit more information as to what you are attempting to do?  Your Bluetooth capable device should be A2DP compliant.    --- Dan