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What's DOS?
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How to diagnose an Airplane issue?

Hi.  I was hoping to read a Kindle-for-Android book on a series of flights recently, but I was unable to: my Droid 2 Global never managed to complete the start-up process.  I'd like to figure out why!

The phone is a Droid 2 Global; from Verizon; runs 4.5.629.A956 and Android 2.3.4.  It works fine on the ground, both before and after the flights.

On the first flight, I made a call at the gate and simply shut the phone completely off at take-off.  When I restarted it, the screen came on, it sought service, and I was not able to invoke airplane mode via the Motorola Widget.  After, say 5 minutes, I pulled the battery, restarted it, holding the button down so that I could select Airplane mode from the get-go, which I did.  But while the phone went through the start-up process, once I slid the slider, the home screen remained unresponsive: no movement to other screens, no action from apps.  So I ended up reading the analogue in-flight magazine.

On both the next flights, I put it into airplane mode before shutting it off at the gate. But I had the same result on starting it on board: it restarted until a point where the screen froze.  In trying over, I was able to open some apps for a short while, but they eventually froze too. (Noteverything, Solitaire, Bfolders - I avoided apps with net access needs.)  Second time, I read the mail order catalogue.  Third time, I read the safety card - that's really scary.

In all cases the phone got hot and the battery died.  Replacement batteries also died (I carry 2 spares).

In all cases, once on the ground, the phone started up fine with the third battery, and ran great.

I have suspects:
* An incomplete Companion Link synch
* Auto-updates specifically Shazam, maybe others
* Air Pressure on the battery & phone
* Fat Thumbs & not enough RTFM

but I don't believe any of them are really guilty.  Any ideas?