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What's DOS?
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loss of data connectivity

First time posting on this forum and I believe a discussion may have already been started about this but I could not see how to add to it and after jumping thru all the hoops just get sign in and post my issue I figured starting this way is better than nothing.

I am not a newbie to Droid but not one who is real savvy. I have a DROID2 that has all the most recent updates. I honestly have had few to no problems wiith this little powerhouse but lately the connectivity has begun to show more spotty coverage and today it just quit altogether. As in No browser access at all. I have like 2 1/2 little white bars that never change.

I have rebooted, turned off and back on. Turned wireless on but an having an issue with it as well but I think I know what that is about.

Most frustrating, those little white bars that keep me stuck inside the DROID box! Previous messages on this matter showed some people from Indianapolis, IN having the issue. Well, thats where I am also.

Calling a tech or anyone is a waste most times and I do NOT want to have to do some stupid factory reset!

Anybody got any answers from anywhere yet?

Thanks for the ear and the time!


Moto Sr Moderator
Moto Sr Moderator
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Re: loss of data connectivity

Moved post to proper forum, maybe somone with the same phone can comment.

* Search box is your friend * I don't respond to PM if question belongs in forum