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What's DOS?
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Email fails to sync

I recently noticed that I did not receive some critical emails from my Gmail account.

I was able to manually sync the my email, but auto sync is no longer working.

While trying to diagnose the problem I realized that my Yahoo Mail was also not updating on my device.

My Yahoo account continuously trying to sync until finally it timed out.  I tried to sync again and it gave an error message that it could not conntect to

I tried everything with Yahoo Mail and finally deleted the account and tried to reinstall the account.  At that point it would not let me rebuild the account, each time indicating it could not connect to the server.

I tried using the Yahoo mail app and I tried using the Motorola Droid mail app.  Both failed to allow me to rebuild my account.

I have had these accounts for quite some time, so something has changed in the last week that has caused my mail sync to suddenly fail.

Gmail will update manually.  Yahoo mail account is now deleted and will not allow rebuild.

I have three Comcast mail accounts that sync with the Motorola email client without problems.

I believe there may be a deeper issue with Yahoo mail because I also found my desktop client (Thunderbird) will no longer get Yahoo mail updates.



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Re: Email fails to sync

Because of your desktop client not being able to sync (update) with Yahoo, it does sound like a problem on their end.   --- Dan

What's DOS?
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Re: Email fails to sync

My Yahoo email works fine from my desktop but no longer on my Droid. I cant get to Hotmail from my Droid either.  Google is squirly too if I go to the web to search.  It doesn't seem to know what to do.  Actaully my browser is just slow in general.   I think Motorola just has issues.