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What's DOS?
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Phone doesn't register on PC anymore

Ok so when I plug my Droid 2 R2D2 edition into my laptop, nothing hppens. It used to work fine, but now when I try absolutely nothing happens. It doesn't make the noise indicating I've just plugged soemthing into the USB drive, I've tried both USB drives, it works with my PC so I know it's not the cord, plus I use the same cord connected to an outlet adapter to charge it and it works fine but all of the sudden when I plug it into my laptop I get nothing. It doesn't charge, I go to my computer it doesn't show up, I scan for devices I get nothing, I've tried updating motocast and motohelper, and it still doesn't work but like i said it used to work fine, plus this is a brand new phone i recently got a replacment and even after i got the replacment phone it worked fine the first like 20 times I connected it to my laptop, nothings changed. I've got a Dell Inspirion running Windows 7 if that makes a difference but as I've stated nothings changed since the last few times it worked successfully.

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Re: Phone doesn't register on PC anymore

Let's assume that it's something on the laptop (it normally is), when you uninstall your drivers from your laptop, preferably use "control panel" to remove them all.  After you have removed all of the USB drivers from your laptop, it's very important to power down your laptop (do not just do a restart).  Power your laptop back up after this and then reinstall your Motorola USB drivers.  After the driver install is complete, try attaching your R2D2 to your laptop with the known good USB cable and please give us feedback in order that we can provide additional troubleshooting, if required.     --- Dan

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Re: Phone doesn't register on PC anymore


To follow up on Dan's comments, where are you getting MotoCast and MotoHelper from?

To remove the existing drivers, you should remove MotoCast and Motorola Device Manager (which includes drivers and MotoHelper).

To reinstall the drivers, you can get the latest Motorola Device Manager at: