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Re: post update issues

I have reset my phone 4 times since my last posting to factory settings... each time I had multiple issues, so made sure no back ups were being reinstalled and reset it again.

Still says I have the soak version from what I have seen.... but...

I am now wondering... is it the updates that could be conflicting with the phone??!!  Only have Verizon and Google Updates.. plus my parking meter software installed... no email.. nothing...

1. on screen keyboard unresponsive.... in other words, it will not come up if I have the physical keyboard closed. I need this feature for my parking meter software.... worked fine before the factory resets.... but same version from before and after the reset.

2. 3G stays in 1X mode or if in 3G I only have 1 bar and most of my phone calls go into voice mail before I even know any one has called me. Could this be because Verizon has added 4G to the network grid?? Logic says it might be due to analog / digital rules (like needing the converter now on an analog tv to get digital signals)

3. Multiple issues with downloading from the play store... (I found that I am not the only one with this issue, so will wait for Google to fix it).

4. Wi-Fi won't stay connected again! I will leave it off... unless I have to use it now

5. My 4 buttons at the bottom are unresponsive 75% of the time AGAIN! THIS IS THE MOST ANNOYING out of all of the issues. This is what pisses me off the most!

These are the issues that I have seen since my last posting. Haven't tried texting yet... give me a week to find more issues... who knows.. I might just upgrade this week to the 4 then you can hear me complain about that! LOL

Okay, I am done venting....