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What's DOS?
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Bionic forever!

I do not know when I will ever switch from my bionic. I upgraded to the Note 3, but came back to the Bionic because of the radio strength and because I love the lapdock/hd dock/webtop so much. I use them every day and can't picture life without them. Until moto or some other company decides to make lapdocks again, it looks like I will be sticking with the bionic. Aside from having a out of date processer and not enough ram, it still works flawlessly. Truly the best tech device I have ever bought!
What's DOS?
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Re: Bionic forever!


Bit Torrent
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Re: Bionic forever!

There are times I miss my trusty ole Bionic and Lapdock. It sure did come in handy sometimes. Too bad that idea never really took off, it had potential. Glad your Bionic and Lapdock are still working good for you!