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What's DOS?
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My suggestion. Let's post all the complaints, rants, displeasure about the Bionic here. Stop cluttering the forum with multiple threads. My opinion.
Token Ring
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Re: Complaints

Great idea...but probably won't happen.
I suggested, a couple of weeks ago, that same-subject posts should be in the same thread, and that Moderators should enforce this policy. But it turns out that a lot of people believe that every poster with an opinion on a subject should start a new thread...they say that it makes them feel important.
Token Ring
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Re: Complaints

My question and I'm being serious, is where do you cut it off and start a new thread 100, 500, 1000, 5000 posts of complaints?  The way I see it is Motorola would love that because most people are not going to jump into a thread that was started months ago that already has a ton of comments on it.   


As to the moderators closing threads I have no problem with them enforcing the house rules we all agreed to when we signed up for this forum but don't just start doing it randomly because that just looks bad.


Just my opinion.



Paper Tape
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Re: Complaints


im using moto m 32gb phone from 21 days nd today by mistake i dropped it from table on floor (height of 3/2 feet) nd it screen got wholely damaged nd also getting problem in switch on.

Please help me regarding it.rigt now im in pune india.