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What's DOS?
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Definition of "Early Q3"

Not to seem juvenile, but if Q3 is three months long, then "early Q3" would be the 1st month of Q3. Else it is Mid Q3.

Now, I'm not some mindless consumer. I am an R&D engineer, who's day-to-day consists of hardware and firmware/software. If I give an outline for a release date, my a$$ is grass, if I don't meet it.

Come on Motorola, you are a leading company. I learned to program in assembly on one of your chipsets. You should have updated to Bionic like promised and in the timeline promised. If the update is not out by end of the day tomorrow, someone failed and should have their a$$ chewed for it.
What's DOS?
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Re: Definition of "Early Q3"

Please fill me in...Whats supposed to be happening in "Early Q3"?  As far as Android updates, I gave up on manufacturers/carriers providing the most current updates to phones long ago, atleast when it comes to Android versions.  I'm currently at KitKat 4.4.4 on my Bionic, but of course its running Cyanogenmod.