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Droid Maxx2 Battery Life

My Droid Maxx2 phone is just under 2 years old. For the last few weeks the battery hasn't been holding a charge like it used to.  When the battery percentage drops to about 30% or just under, the phone shuts off. If I turn it back on, the percentage is still more than 20%, but will shut off again.  I have to charge it for it to stay on again. The phone isn't damaged at all.  In fact, it still looks brand new because I've always kept it inside a Lifeproof case. My husband has the same phone and doesn't have this problem.


Did anyone else have this problem?  The last thing I want to do is give Motorola $125 to exchange this phone for a used phone. Just wondering if anyone has had luck getting Motorola to replace the battery for free like Apple did with Iphones. 

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Senior MotoAgent
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Re: Droid Maxx2 Battery Life

Hi IamFrustrated,


I understand you want to replace your phone's battery but we actually don't replace parts, we replace/exchange the whole phone and it looks like it was already discussed to you. I am also curious what troubleshooting steps have you done so far? I might be able to provide you some troubleshooting steps that may help resolve this issue.


Please also update your profile with current phone, carrier and serial number -- this will help me investigate. Please make sure that the options under Settings > Motorola Privacy are on as well, and let me know (just reply here) if it's okay for me to look at your apps to see if they are a source of problems. Need help updating your profile? See here.


Moto-Lenovo Support

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