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Punch Card
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Droid Maxx2 SD Card missing / not inserted - solved.

from what I've seen on forums here and elsewhere, the phone suddenly saying that the SD Card is missing (also on Lenovo Lenovo devices)


I am on my 4th Motorola Droid Maxx 2 and my 3rd SD card.

I finally figured out the problem.

A first, 
i thought it was loose in the holder  - nope.

Then I thought it was a Heat issue - close.

I figured out it was an engineering problem. not enough pressure against the back of the SD Card to hold it it against the contacts to read it.


I solved the problem by placing a small sliver of electrical tape on the back of the SD Card, making sure the edge was exactly up to the edge of the card.

This causes the card to be slightly thicker and helps it make a firm connection.

I'm sure this will also work with the Lenovo tablet and other devices having this SD Card issue.

Paper Tape
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Re: Droid Maxx2 SD Card missing / not inserted - solved.

I purchased a used droid Maxx 2 on new years day it is giving me the same problem I tried tape but it did not work.It keeps telling me it doesnt take the lenovo sd card.I tried to format the phone I had a new card from verizon put in still nothing.Then my camera stopped working and started up again.Also every time the phone rings it goes to messages like Im driving not available I have to call the person back it will not let me answer it.I went back to using my old phone.My question is does anyone fix these issues or give estimates on fixing it?I am retired and disabled and already wasted 100 on a phone that has issues I was looking forward to using the camera for photo shoots.Any suggestions would be appreciated.It just updated Nougat 7.0 when I turned it on last time. Thanks for your time.