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Blue Screen Again
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Phone Refuses to charge

So i have a new Droid Maxx 2 , i got it about a few weeks ago at most , and just yesterday i noticed it wont charge

It holds is current charge in turbo charing but if i go to the battery it says "Not charging" , if i plug it into my pc it will say its connected but wont charge and will lose power.

Any Suggestions on how to fix this , I have: Factory reset it , rebooted into safe mode , tried diffrent chargers , used the charger that came with it.

it use to charge just fine , i dont know what happened to it.

Punch Card
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Re: Phone Refuses to charge

Did you ever find a solution for this? What Android software were you at when this was happening (Marshmallow, Nougat ...)?


I am having the same problem after I upgraded to Nougat and have been posting my information on this post: