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What's DOS?
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Droid Mini - With last app update, battery drains

With my last app update 10/22 my phone now will not sleep, drains my battery, unable to send or receive texts till days later. Also unable to open play store. When I open my "battery" in settings it shows Google Play services is using my battery. I uninstalled all the Google updates hoping that would help. It has not. Any suggestions? Please. Thank you

Moto Sr Moderator
Moto Sr Moderator
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Re: Droid Mini - With last app update, battery drains

Sometimes after an update things will go haywire. It looks like that is what happened to you. I would suggest saving all your data and perform a factory data reset.

I know that it is a pain, but when you see core functions being affected than it really is the best course of action. You might figure out what is causing the problem (and again you might not), but that doesn't mean that something else won't go wrong.

Doing an FDR will give you the best chance at removing any problems there are. I also suggest that you don't have the auto restore features checked. You need to start completely clean. If there is a problem in any of the data that gets restored then that means that you are importing problems. You don't know if there are any problems in that data, so you are better off starting fresh from scratch. Hope this helps.

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