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Problems maintaining car Bluetooth connection

I have a 2015 Civic with Honda Handsfreelink and I'm having issues with my Bluetooth connection.  The phone is able to pair but eventually disconnects.  Most times the phone disconnects within a few seconds or up to a couple minutes after being paired with the car.  Other times I'm able to upload my address book and make calls until I leave the Bluetooth range or turn the phone's Bluetooth off then back on.  The car will message: "No phone connected" and ask if I want to connect a device.  After I try reconnecting it will disconnect, then reconnect, then disconnect again every 30 seconds or so.


I've tried deleting the phone from the car and reconnecting as well as unpairing the two then reconnecting with no success.  Honda tested the car with an Iphone (5 I think?) which worked perfectly and told me that certain Androids have no problem maintaining connections.  The Honda website has the Droid Mini listed as phone audio and media compatible, but not text/message.  Can someone please help?