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What's DOS?
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cant transfer music

I am having a problems transferring music from my computer to my droid mini. When I first got the phone about a year ago, I transferred 54 songs from windows media to the phones internal memory. Last week I wanted to change the music and get a different music player. I deleted the old player alone with the music. Now no matter how I try I cant transfer music on my phone. I have tried drag and dropping and copy and paste. When I transfer the music it shows up in the phones music file on the computer, but actually transfer. I at  my wits end. hope someone has an answer.


What's DOS?
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Re: cant transfer music

Are the files your trying to transfer mp3 files? Do they actually say ".mp3"? Have you tried using a file managing app to locate the music? Maybe it is on your phone but your music player can't find the right files. Or try a different music player app. I hope one of these suggestions helps.