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Cannot Add Yahoo! Mail Account to Phone

I did a factory reset on my phone about 3 weeks ago now. I was having other issues that the hard reset resolved. The only issue I have now is a new one - I cannot add my Yahoo! Mail account back onto my phone. I am able to log into it via the web on both my phone and PC. I can login using the Yahoo! Mail App (which i really don't like). But I cannot add it using the "Accounts" options built into the phone. 

People have said that maybe it's Yahoo! thinking the account was hacked... so I've changed my password twice. I've done battery pulls before trying to re-add the account. I've tried everything I can think of short of doing either another factory reset or having verizon provide me with another new phone (actually they are sending me certified-preowned after they took my brand new Droid Pro and I later found out that wasn't necessary and I've had more issues with this phone than my original).

So besides my rant on Verizon Wireless's poor tech support in the past... Any other ideas floating out there on how to fix this issue w/o resetting or getting a new phone? 

What's DOS?
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Re: Cannot Add Yahoo! Mail Account to Phone

i am having problem with aol using native app(one that came with phone). using K9 pending either motorola or AOL resolving. both say my problem is elevated to tier II. Not sure what that means, but no updates from either. Regarding Verizon, i went round and round with them. Their initial reps did not listen and keep coming back with canned answers. I did finally get a manager, who sent me out a courtesy replacement phone. i am not sure that is the problem, believe AOL or Motorola issue.... i have not activated new phone yet will do today. I would prefer my phone fixed.  maybe yahoo and aol issue are related.

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Re: Cannot Add Yahoo! Mail Account to Phone

Have either of you tried to add your account via the Email icon instead of the Yahoo or AOL icons? I am just wondering if that would get it to work. I know that if you want your Gmail account to show up in your Universal Inbox that you have to add it that way. I am using the logic of the Gmail account and applying it here. Just a guess.

@SevenEyeHorizon Have you tried using K-9 Mail from the Play Store? It is a free app and it works a lot better than the default Email. I only use K-9. It really is that good. Hope this helps.

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