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What's DOS?
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Droid pro with physical button

I am looking for an android device with a querty keyboard and physical buttons for dial and call reject. Are there any chances that ttne next version will have physical buttons? Or any other motorola phone? Another condition is that it has to be GSM & 3G at least because I cannot use TITANIUM for example. If the phisical buttons will dissapear I will hve just Nokia and BB as an alternative which is sad.

DansDroid Moto Emeritus
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Re: Droid pro with physical button

I'm not privy to the future iterations of the Droid Pro.  I don't know of any Motorola Droid series of phones that has physical call and reject buttons.  If a model comes out in the not-so-distant future, if it has GSM it almost certaintly will have both 3G and 4G capability also.  I'm sorry I can't provide more detailed information.    --- Dan