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What's DOS?
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Extended Battery

My Droid Pro extended battery is on its way to has problems holding a charge. When going to a Verizon Wireless store or the Verizon Wireless website, their inventory is a big 0. I also discovered the Pro is a discontinued item by Verizon Wireless. Therefore, Verizon Wireless will not replenish their inventory of the extended battery. BTW, protective touchscreen film is in the same status. I find this to be absurd since I had the Pro for only a year, and I cannot get an upgrade phone from Verizon Wireless. I am not done with this fight with Verizon.

Until I manage to acquire an upgrade phone, I am in need of replacing the battery. Where can I acquire an extended battery.


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Motorola Admin
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Re: Extended Battery

I found several sources like these just Googling "Droid Pro extended battery."


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