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MB632 unlocked phone BlueTooth stopped working

I have an unlocked version of Droid Pro, also known as MB632, that I love, because it has a real keyboard.

Recently I have been experiencing a problem... and the problem seems like a software or stored data problem rather than a hardware problem.

If anyone is listening, I would like to know whether there are any actions to be taken or fixes to be applied to an unlocked GSM US phone. I see what appears to be updates for Verizon version, but I cannot see whether there are updates for GSM US phone.


(1) what is the most current (last ?) update for MB632 GSM US unlocked phone. Where do I get it, as I don't have a carrier to serve it to me, and global motorola customer support is in Canada, and they say that I have to use something in the USA.

(2) is there any data associated with Bluetooth (cache, NVram, etc.) that is retained across a factory reset

(3) are their any software diagnostics to use, or log files to be reviewed... and how to use them


I paired it with my car the phone and used it for combination of calls and music. Once I happened to use it with the standard navigation app as well. The phone froze.

Since reboot the Bluetooth is largely not working. 99% of the time it will not turn on, and when it does, I try to manage Bluetooth devices and the value "Bluetooth is discoverable for %1$s seconds" appears in the Bluetooth Settings (rather than a number).

I've tried factory reset, but does not work.

I've looked at installed and running Apps, and cleared Storage for Bluetooth... magically it gets restored whenever the Bluetooth is turned on again.

I've tried to reinstall the Bluetooth APKs that are on the phone... but these specifically say that they will retain stored data.

Suggestions?... other than chucking the phone in favor of something new with no keyboard.