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Motorola Droid Pro in UK


I'm hoping that one of you technical guys may be able to help me?..........

I live in the UK, and I purchased a Motorola Droid Pro, off ebay last september.

The man who owned it before me unlocked it from the Verizon USA network, and installed Gingerbread 2.3.3

I love the phone, but am soooooo frustrated because I can not send/receive MMS or search the internet via 3g.

I can make calls & send sms though.

I am with Vodafone, here in the UK, and Vodafone have checked-and-double-checked my APN settings, and they can't see why there's a problem.   Anyway, I don't think it's a "Vodafone" problem, because mms etc works just fine if I put the sim in my old handset.


I have searched all over google for an anwer, and even asked Android magazine here in uk. - no one seems to know.


Have I been really stupid, and brought a handset that just can't cope with MMS'ing and 3g Web browsing in the UK?  (my husband thinks that I have!)Frown

Maybe i need to input 2 APN settings? one for internet, one for mms?



Please please help! it's so frustrating having a "smart phone" that's not so smart!  - Never thought I'd miss the ability to send/receive mms, and google something when I'm at the shops!!!!!!!   LOL!

Kindest Regards

Nichola from UK






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Moto Sr Moderator
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Re: Motorola Droid Pro in UK

I did a little Googling on this and have seen that there are other people that are having the same problem with Vodafone. There were a couple of mentions that T-Mobile was working fine for them when they tried that service. Maybe you should try switching services? Hope this helps.

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