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What's DOS?
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Connecting to Microsoft Office365 Exchange Online

As some of you may know, Office365 Exchange Online is the cloud-based replacement for onsite Exchange servers that Microsoft has released.

I was trying to connect my Razr to it and was having some problems getting it going, I would go into Email, and then Corporate Sync, and enter my email and password.  Then it would come back and ask for the server, domain and username.  Well Office365 is an online service so I thought there wasn't any server name per se.  After reading the Microsoft documentation and some other online threads, I found the solution.

First, I logged into my Office365 account with a web browser, going to my inbox and then in the upper right hand corner hitting the question mark and then from the drop down menu choosing About.  Doing the ?-about gets you a pop-up window with a ton of information about your connection to Office365.  (Pay particular attention to the Host Address field).

Then I went back to my phone to log in using the Corporate Sync.  It failed and then came back and asked me for the server name and domain again.  For the server information I put in the information from the Host Address field on the box that popped up from the Help-About box in the last step, listed as:  Host address: https://********* but leaving out the https on the front and the OWA on the end. 

I left the Domain blank and entered my email account as the username, and re-entered the password (Important-it was failing before I re-entered the password.).  Then it worked, came back and asked me to set a screen lock code.  Yay!

Hope maybe this helps someone else get connected.  It's not nearly as simple as connecting on an on-site Exchange server but oh well.

*Ironically the connection to Office365 set up seamlessly on my old Android phone, a Sony Xperia Play, by just entering email address and password.  I am the company Email admin, and I have the Autodiscover DNS records to allow that sort of seamless setup.  But the Play was running Android 2.3.3 and the Razr runs 2.3.6.  I don't know if the difference is due to the different Android versions or if Motorola has changed the behavior of the Email application with the Motoblur interface that is installed by default on the Razr.
What's DOS?
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Re: Connecting to Microsoft Office365 Exchange Online

That's awesome! Thanks for this post. I have an Office365 account migrated from officelive.
What's DOS?
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Re: Connecting to Microsoft Office365 Exchange Online

My account has the ? but no about under it. Looked in all areas under it and no about.