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What's DOS?
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Re: SD card encryption issue?

Ok...I think I have read most of this thread & my head is spinning....I'm not super computer savy but enough manage is my problem...Droid Razr Maxx.  Encrypted w/o making a key or password...I use a number screen lock anyways so it was already on. Took a couple thousand photos & videos. Tried to tranfer to my pc via multiple ways...couldn't read the file but could view on the phone. I can upload files to facebook fine.   I figured out (thanks to this thread) to take the encryption now its not doing it...but those 2k of photos I need to decrypt so I can see them on the pc or move them freely, etc. phone is not dead...fully functioning. but I can't find anything that tells me what the key is or to decrypt in the details of the photo file on the phone...or how to decrypt the files I can't read that I tried moving to my pc.   


Any help? I'm hoping you much smarter than I people have step by step instructions that I'm missing or to confused to put together.  

I really don't want to have to upload to facebook & then download load them individually to my pc.


Thanks in advance!!


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Re: SD card encryption issue?

Hi All,


I wonder if anyone found a solution on this?, I'm running in kind of the same issue, I had my Micro SD card configured as internat, the phone lost the connection and now I'm trying to recover all my photos, any clue?. I had 0 solution from Motorola so far




Serial Port
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Re: SD card encryption issue?

This thread has opened my eyes, I thought my 64gb sdcard was toast, it is now :-[ (I'd taken it out and tried to use a reader to copy files, now I know why I couldn't).

Eventually gave up and tried to format it, nope, device not recognised.

Tried it in a variety of devices but no joy. I think maybe if I'd simply used a usb cable in the first place it would've been fine. I'm tempted now to reinsert it in my Moto E to see if it'll recognise it but have since replaced it with a 32gb card and am loathe to risk messing that one up in the process.

Alas I cannot now use the 64gb card as it's not recognised by my PC or any other device.

Thank you ALL for information. 

Regarding saving photos from your phone, if it's still usable, I gather from the original posts that as long as the files are transferred via usb cable to your PC they are de-crypted on the fly an the saved pics on the PC will then be readable/accessible to see.