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Text messaging thread won't delete?

Tried to delete a text message thread and it won't delete it just goes to the bottom and the date says December 1969 can anyone help? Thanks
What's DOS?
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Re: Text messaging thread won't delete?

Try this :
From the home screen, go to manage apps, all, scroll down til you see messaging and clear the data.. after clearing it make sure to restart your phone.. Smiley Happy hope this helps..
What's DOS?
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Re: Text messaging thread won't delete?

Motorola/razr/droid/maxx...  (Verizon phone now on a different carrier)


I have a slightly different issue. The date/time stamp is wrong....  dates are like 1969 and time is about 8 hours wrong.... AND only occurs on SENT messages. Incoming texts have correct information. I called my wireless provider and they suggested it was a "Motorola" problem.......


I checked my date and time info in SETTINGS and they are all correct.