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XT910 GSM signal worse after battery change

I have owned a Droid Razr Maxx for a few years. Because the battery was almost dead I replaced the battery following this excelent guide:

However: Right after booting up the phone when it charged the battery I had no cell / G2 / G3 indoors. When I go outside the signal is "ok".

Somehow I lost like 20% of the signal..... So in areas where I normaly would have an 'ok' signal its hardly impossible to get a signal now. At work the signal was and still is perfect.

The back cover and battery cover are not damaged. However: I did note a number of small copper connectors on the sides of the cover displayed on the right here:

As can be seen on the connectors on the bottom right they are a bit dented from being pressed together for years. My phone has the same.

Can this be the problem? Or what else can cause such a small but noticable signal drop? What of these connectors are used for the cell signal?