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What's DOS?
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Droid turbo screen

Hi, I think the negative comments and reviews about the phones with the ShatterShield screens are why Motorola has stopped making phones with it. Mine is over 2 years old. I must be taking better care of mine than most others because I have extremely minor barely visible marks on the screen. I have even dropped it quite a bit. Once from a 3rd story balcony at a hotel straight to the pavement ! Because the screen is plastic it can be scratched easy if it is in a purse with lots of stuff all over it or a pocket with change, pen or such. Realizing this phone had a plastic screen from day one and keeping better care of it I assure you all you would have had a much better experience. I love this phone so much I have decided to go ahead and buy 2 more as future replacements if needed. Nothing is indestructible. Good phones are a expensive item. Treat them as such.