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What's DOS?
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Help please!!!

My friends phone phone is dying on her. it is a droid turbo, apps and other things keep deleting themselves, Google play had been deleted so anything associated won't work and it won't let me reinstall it, she cannot access her text messages or use her phone part to call.

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Re: Help please!!!

I was having major issues for a long time, mostly massive lagging and apps just not working properly. I did a factory reset and selectively restored only those apps I really use. So far (it's been four days), it's like I have a new phone again.

Moto Sr Moderator
Moto Sr Moderator
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Re: Help please!!!

I think we need your friend here.  We need her IMEI, and we need HER permission (not yours, and I have to trust you here) to take a look at her apps.


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