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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Nougat Update Issues

This might be a coincidence or relevant: the battery drain is not as serious after I uninstalled Clean Master. Here's where I got the idea:

Maybe the cleaning apps are working overtime under Nougat. Since Nougat allows most of those cleaning operations anyway, I got rid of them.
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Re: Nougat Update Issues

EVERYONE should uninstall Clean Master. Nobody should ever install it, ever.
Punch Card
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Re: Nougat Update Issues

I was having the battery drain issues and after doing a reset, it seems to have helped the issue on N.

Bit Torrent
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Re: Nougat Update Issues

@doogald wrote:
EVERYONE should uninstall Clean Master. Nobody should ever install it, ever.


Punch Card
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Re: Nougat Update Issues

Ever since the Nougat update on my wife's phone, entering her password incorrectly on the lock screen causes the the phone to vibrate and the alarm to sound. That is a HUGE personal safety issue, as well as being INTENSELY ANNOYING. What if she were to be hiding from an intruder and tried to unlock her phone, but got the password wrong? The phone would tell the intruder where she was hiding!


She recently ran into the issue during a meeting where the screen was locked and she needed to access something for the meeting. The alarm started blasting and freaked her out because it never used to do that. Everyone ended up glaring at her.


The lock screen NOT should sound an alarm when a password is entered incorrectly, even if it's the last attempt before wiping the phone.

Paper Tape
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Re: Nougat Update Issues

Hello !
I'm having issues after latest nougat update . I am Using Moto Droid Turbo 2. Using The Handset in India. Using A Imported Handset.
MEID = HEX : 990005744135584 / DEC : 256691544468375940

My 4G LTE has stopped working.
I've tried every option from the cellular networks and nothing seems to work .
Previously on Android 6 when I pressed on the mobile network type I had an option to select between the 3G/4G but now I'm only getting signal info.
Does anyone has that same issue ?

I've updated the phone the second day it came out.
I was reading another thread two days ago about clearing cache partition and I've tried it 2 times the second time is just before I'm writing this reply !
No the problem is not fixed !

I only connect by 3G and HSPA.
The 4G has stopped working since the update to nougat.
Please, some solution to this.
How can we go back to the previous rom with android 6
please help

I'm not only the person many users are facing the same problem. View the link to get details of others.

Agent_Liz Moto Emeritus
Moto Emeritus
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Re: Nougat Update Issues

Hi everyone, 


We're collecting reports of corrupted SD cards after N. If you experienced this issue, please post if your card was encrypted. Smiley Happy



Punch Card
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Re: Nougat Update Issues

Has anyone has any issues with WiFi after the nougat update? My wifi will just disconnect even when I am next to the WiFi modem box and the WiFi modem is functioning properly. Also, I have more issues with dropped WiFi calls after the nougat update.

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Re: Nougat Update Issues

Yup that happens to me all the time. It usually reconnects pretty quickly, but I notice it multiple times a week which makes me think it's happening at least daily while in my pocket. This has only been an issue on Nougat.


I'm looking forward to doing a factory reset but I'm holding out on a patch if one ever comes along.

Punch Card
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Re: Nougat Update Issues

Ok. Another thing is when it does reconnect, it will show that there is no internet connection even when the modem is online and other people are connected to the same WiFi network and have internet.