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What's DOS?
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Re: Warning Regarding your Moto ShatterShield Screen that is "guaranteed not to break"

I just continue to read through this thread and have to wonder what it is exactly all of you do throughout you day to days? Personally  I sought out a Shatter Shield phone - this is my second - and stand by the product completely  Allow me to explain why. I work within the landscape/hardscape field. Conditions and day to day is grueling and not at all a good place for a smartphone. In fact I'm the only guy on my team (9 guys) who doesn't have a broken phone screen. My Z2 Force has been run over by a wheeled bobcat once and a tracked bobcat once. It has been dropped from rooftops while cleaning gutters multiple times (once from three stories to a patio without damage). 3 days ago while attempting to capture the sunset I dropped it out the window of my bosses truck while traveling at a speed in excess of 55 mph. All in all either I was randomly given the toughest phone ever to be created or something is going on with these stories. If my screen has yet to shatter like those in the numerous attempts on YouTube I'm confused as to why an ear height drop completely ruins the same phone wherever you live. Just sayin. 

What's DOS?
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Re: Warning Regarding your Moto ShatterShield Screen that is "guaranteed not to break"

They also tricked me the same way.

After using Moto Z2 Force for 3-4 months it's shattershield lens started peeling from corners. When i decided to replace my shattershield lens they told me to replace my screen on chargable basis, which is around 250 US Dollars. And told me that your screen comes under the warranty of 4 years and any kind of damage to shattershield lens will not conver under warranty. 

Is this a joke If first layer of screen got damaged then your phone goes out warranty. How the hell sreen damage occurs without damaging first layer of the screen. 

Worst Customer Support by lenovo