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Be Careful.... Screen Cracks Easy!!!

2014-12-26, 9:06 AM
I had my first Droid Turbo for a week... It slid off my lap while I was sitting in a chair, it hit the ground, and the screen cracked. I got my replacement phone a few days later for free. I had this phone for 3 weeks, and that phone slipped outta my pocket while getting out of my car ... It hit the ground and cracked. Both times I was no more than 2 feet off the ground. In the past I had dropped my Note 3 multiple times this way with no case on it and nothing ever happened to the sreen... Not one crack or scratch.

This phone is supposed to be durable but it cant even withstand a 2 foot drop. Both Droid Turbos couldn't withstand one drop without the screen having a nice crack going from end to end... up and down.

Its hard to show people a new phone, that not many have heard of, and decribe the features with cracks cross the screen... Especially on both phones when I have only upgraded to the Droid Turbo 6 weeks ago. There are very, very few cases out there and the screen replacement companies in the malls cant do anything with the cracked screen.

I am really dissappointed with the so called "durability" of the Droid Turbo that cant make it through a single drop.

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Re: Be Careful.... Screen Cracks Easy!!!

2014-12-26, 10:14 AM
This is especially bad luck my friend. The glass is actually gorilla glass 3, but if it hits just right it's going to crack. My wife is about to be on her 3rd s5 after seemingly shirt distance drops, this time it put a hole in the glass, which I've never seen before. Where as I've dropped my turbo 4 times. It's pretty much all in how it lands dude, and any phone will crack if it lands a certain way.

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Re: Be Careful.... Screen Cracks Easy!!!

2014-12-26, 13:43 PM

WOW! I have had mine for a couple of weeks and I did not realize that the screen was that fragile. I dropped the bionic several times and no problem. Guess I better get a better case! Thanks for the post.


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Re: Be Careful.... Screen Cracks Easy!!!

2014-12-26, 16:13 PM

After seven weeks of "Normal Use - No Abuse" of my "Case Free" (naked) Ballistic Nylon 64GB Droid Turbo (XT1254BN64) 

Interestingly I after a few weeks of ownership, I accidentally scratched (bottom left about 1.5cm long) my "naked" XT1254BN64 by putting it in my front pants pocket with my house keys (BAD AdMan!).  That turned out to be just a little scratch and a BIG lesson learned (Pockets are for keys, not for phones).  Then last week I finally activated DayDream and when the screen was off I noticed a tiny little fracture (crack) in the top left corner of the screen also about 1.5 cm long?!? WTF did that come from, within two days that fracture extended diagonally towards the PWR/Volume buttons and on the 3rd day this fracture had finally terminated, bisecting the PWR/Vol UP buttons.  IMages of that commercial where the guys finger's are all bloodied and bandaged from his cracked mobile screen and it's ringing but he's too scared to touch his phone and answer it.

Wednesday night at 8PM I called Verizon, and the CSR vetted my story, gave me a VZW Tech Support # to call and in less than a total of two calls and 15 minutes... I'm supposed to RCV a Brand New Droid Turbo 64GB Ballistic Nylon (XT1254BN64) in the USPS today (see timeline below), I then have 5 days to return my Original XT1254BN64 in supposedly an included self addressed pre-paid shipping box (or else it a charge of $500. added to your VZW Acct - they don't even give yo the sale price, lol!.

A Droid2 and a Droid4 later I haven't cracked a mobile screen since the cute little flip phone I had for 3 years before I got my first physically keyboarded SCH-u740 in 2007.  

Anyway, here is my timeline and remember Christmas was yesterday.

  1. Fri.,  Oct. 30, 2014 at 03:54 PM EST - Original Purchase/Upgrade to MOTXT1254BN64 at Local VZW store.

  2. Mon, Dec 22, 2014 at 10:10 PM EST- I Reported issue to VZW - Email Received: "VZW Order Confirmation"

  3. Mon, Dec 23, 2014 at 04:25 PM EST- VZW Notification - Email Received: "VZW Order Shipment Notification"

  4. Fri.,  Dec 26, 2014 at 02:06 PM EST - Replacement Received - USPS: "Box, with NEW DT64GBBN (sim less)" 

In the past I have only used holsters, I have not ever wanted or needed to use cases or screen protectors. Mostly due to my awareness, care and caution, also the physical keyboard and even more importantly (IMO) due to the quality and durability of:​

  1. 2007 - 2010: Samsung SCH-u740 

  2. 2010 - 2012: Motorola Droid 2 (XT955)

  3. 2012 - 2014: Motorola Droid 4 (XT894)

  4. 2014 - Now...Motorola Droid Turbo (XT1254) - I used up my one "new-screen wish" so now gentle or not I am buying her a new outfit, since this device is going to be the exception to the above. I have started to monitor the Cases for Ballistic Nylon thread here on the forum.  Please anyone with Good/Bad/Neutral Case experience please speak up

Hope this helps. Thank you!




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Re: Be Careful.... Screen Cracks Easy!!!

2014-12-26, 16:53 PM

I guess the question on my mine is, do you use a case?

We have both dropped out Turbos without damage.

I dropped mine while waiting for a case to come from amazon.

My wife's phones never leave VZ without a case.

Cases not protect from falls, but also can make the phone less slippery when handled.

We never carry our phones in a pocket where they can be bent, scratched, damaged or fall to the floor.

After the first cracked screen, I would have reviewed my storage and protection methods.

As phones become larger and thinner, a case become less than optional...


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Re: Be Careful.... Screen Cracks Easy!!!

2014-12-26, 18:49 PM

I've said it before and I'll be happy to say it again. Protection is the best measure! When I purchased my Droid Turbo 64GB Ballistic Nylon it left the Verizon store with the Verizon Clip Case for the Turbo and the Flexible Glass Screen Protector for the Turbo.

I will admit that I love the Ballistic Nylon back of my Turbo. It looks awesome and I'm bummed that I'm having to hide it behind a cover that is not the prettiest out there. I put one on every Droid I've had and not one phone was less than flawless when traded in on the newest model as my plans would come up for renewal. A nice feature is that the when in the clip case holster the screen is protected as it faces a hardened shell with a nice soft fabric liner. 

The Flexible Glass Screen Protector has saved my screen more than once. I've dropped my Turbo from chest height twice. Once onto asphalt face down and once were the middle of the screen bounced off a metal table leg to the floor. My screen and screen protector are still pristine. Amazing!

Considering the Turbo is offered with a one time free replacement for the screen if it were to break, I prefer to use that offer far into the future when my Turbo is old, slow, tired and far from being the latest, greatest, hottest phone on the market.

Anyone interested may want to bring up the YouTube link I've provided related to Gorilla Glass 3 (Note there are are a few parts to this series)...



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