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Paper Tape
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Upgrade phone for my Droid Turbo

First off, I love my old Turbo.  It has been a great phone that has seen heavy use for four years.  I use it for business, web browsing, YouTube watching, taking pictures and videos too.  A great multi use tool.  A year ago, I replaced the battery when it developed the common 50% charge then suddenly died issue.  It's been great since.  Now the power button is failing, another "common" issue.  Instead of repair, it's time to "upgrade".


I have a tight budget, ballpark of $125 or so.  I really am not that thrilled about some of the newer phones out there and definitely want to stay with Motorola.  I also want new, not used.  I use Verizon for my service.  I'm thinking about new-old stock Droid Turbo 2 as a replacement.  Cameras are slightly better (important to me)  as are a few other items. 

Is there another Motorola phone I should consider too?

Token Ring
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Re: Upgrade phone for my Droid Turbo

I got a email from Moto and they are offering the Moto Z'3 for $199.99 & 2 free Moto style shells.  I still use the TB it seems to be working fine.  Wife and I (she has a Mini) are thinking about getting a new phone.  I saw where the Z 3 is getting or has gotten a mod for 5G.