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Notification volume not synced with ringer volume

2013-09-13, 14:08 PM
Been using the maxx since Sunday. My first impressions of the phone where great. Beautiful display. But now I'm noticing some things.

I have a millimeter gap around the display bezel and kevlar. My replacement would have been even worse.

Anyway my main problem is my notification sounds change to a beep. The sound your phone makes when adjusting the ring volume. A reboot usually fixes this. The volume of my notification sounds is not connected to my ring tone. The volume always stays the same.

Pair this issue with the way this phone vibrates and it's been very frustrating. Normally you can hear a phone vibrate. I realize that's not how it should be but I've grown accustomed to that. I do think that the maxx doesn't vibrate as well as my maxx hd.

I'm seriously debating exchanging for a note 3 or something else because it's just not feeling good.

I'd like to close by saying I think it's truly unfortunate that seidio and casemate aren't offering cases for this phone. The selection at the verizon store was terrible. I know if I get a Samsung I'll be greatly disappointed by its radio so that may be a deal breaker.


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Re: Notification volume not synced with ringer volume

2013-09-13, 21:47 PM

there's changes to how ANDROID does volumes and also vibration in this fairly new version on the phone.

the 3rd party profile sort of apps all have issues.

Only some have figured out how to adjust the notification volumes (which can no longer be linked to the ringtone volume it seems)  and it seems impossible to turn notification vibrations totally on or totally off rather than this piecemeal go into every app and turn it on or off...




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Re: Notification volume not synced with ringer volume

2013-09-17, 21:50 PM

There's another thread on this and some owners found an app they seem to like for this.

Please do not PM me - if you have issues, search the forums for threads on your topic and post there, or start a new thread. Thanks!
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