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Re: Anybody having flicker issues with their Droid X screen?


This is not an answer to this problem, merely a response to the issue in general.

I inherited this otherwise kewl phone from my daughter who was only 32 years old. She loved this phone and was proud of it's reliability. She was always going on about her "DroidX".  (apparently she didn't experience this problem. I am thankful for that.)  Well, She is gone now and I have it, and the screen flicker is maddening. It flickers. It goes black. It flickers, goes black and has 20 - 40 vertical lines running over the lower 5/6 of the screen.  As you might imagine, this Droid X has sentimental value and I want to put it back into service. Is there a fix for this issue? I read today that there was one but I can't seem to locate it any where. I spent nearly 6 hours searching for it and now I am flickering like the phone. I am afraid to look into a mirror. If someone can point me to the solution I would be very grateful.  Thank you all for providing this venue for those of us who are dead from the neck up. qonnor.

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Hello.  The Droid X is a very fine phone...I have two of them.  Your first troubleshooting step will be to have the phone turned on but no applications running on the phone.  Remove the battery for at least two minutes, reinstall the battery and the battery cover, power up the phone and test for proper operation.  If you still have the problem, put the phone into safe mode and then see if the problem is gone, if so, you have a third party application installed on the phone that is the problem.  If the phone still has problems, please leave us feedback and we'll continue to troubleshoot as necessary.    --- Dan