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What's DOS?
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Droid X bootloader

Making it harder for customers who actually own the devices to customize them as they see fit would seem to be a vindictive move on Verizon's part. I just bought a used Droid X & I'm having a heck of a time making it my own due to the last over the air update having been installed. 

It won't stop me, mind you. It only makes me mad. 

It makes me want to quit Verizon for all of my devices, family & business, as soon as possible. 

Sea change is coming Verizon. Just ask Motorola how locked down it going to work for them. Can you say layoffs? Customers flocking to Samsung? 

It wouldn't cost you anything & might buy you some goodwill to unlock these phones. 

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Re: Droid X bootloader

 mbtuner, I think you will enjoy this article if you haven't already read it.