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What's DOS?
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Droid X malfunctions

Is anyone else having trouble with their Droid X duplicating text messages multiple times, pictures becoming non viewable and losing contacts info? is there a fix for any of these malfunctions? I did a hard reset a few monthe ago, a new device under warranty, started again a few weeks ago and getting worse 

What's DOS?
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Re: Droid X malfunctions

As for the text duplication, I've encountered this a few times.  Doing the hard reset did clear it for sometime, as well.

Between the OS becoming less and less stable, as the phone and hardware becomes outdated, I think this is bound to happen.

Especially with 3rd party texting apps, which I assume you're running -- they are geared to run on the most current tech specs and framework.

I would suggest scrutinizing your SMS/texting app... maybe switch to something else and see if the results are the same.  Otherwise, I would suggest carefully reviewing your SMS settings, as there might be a feature that resends the text if you don't acknowledge/open it the first time.

Good luck.