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What's DOS?
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Re: Encrypted bootloader? why motorola? WHY?!!?!?!

joelbon wrote:

I don't know how this would be bad news for Motorola because they said here that if you want custom ROMs you should just go to another phone like a Google ADP1 developer phone or a Nexus One.  I am sure they are already prepared for people to start complaining about it, but since they already said this all the hackers might as well move on and just get over it.  It may not be what the hackers want and it may not be fair in their eyes, but it is Motorola's decision and Motorola will have to live with it.

Its bad news because custom ROMs have nothing whatsoever to do with low-level Android development. Most of the people who use them don't know the first thing about development - they just want to get the most out of their phones.

With an unsigned bootloader, I could have a Froyo custom ROM on my Milestone right now, even though Moto is unable to provide a working build yet. I am not a hacker. I'm just a guy who wants to use the phone in the way it was advertised (FLASH 10!), and 9 months after release, you STILL haven't come through on your "campaign promises".

Hell, it wouldn't even be so bad if Moto was a bit more open about their long term software support intentions, as well as the status of upcoming updates (Hell, we haven't even gotten an official "It's coming!" yet when it comes to Froyo for the Milestone). That, in combination with restricting the users' abilty to do anything about the lack of updates themselves, is why I won't be buying any more Motorola hardware.

So understand this: It's not just the hackers that are pissed off.

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Moto Sr Moderator
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Re: Encrypted bootloader? why motorola? WHY?!!?!?!


i am in no way stepping on your discussion about this but we will have this topic as well as the eFuse topic so i have started a thread to try and keep this all in one thread and prevent the multiple threads from occuring.

here is the link to the thread.