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What's DOS?
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GPS GB and Bluetooth

Read this like a valley stoner.

Ok so like I am driving along w/ my Droid X doing the GPS navigating thing and had like um bought the bluetooth app that played GPS mono through my bluetooth headset.  And like when I am driving the GPS screen would like go away when a call happened, but cool man the chick would continue to direct me through the bluetooth.  So like I didn't get lost.

Dude!!!! updated to GB and like man now the whole audio thing goes out if I run the mono to headset application, like gone, can't even dial out, can't connect to my contacts....  And like I checked the Android Market and they all say that GB 2.3 broke the app man.

Now I am really bumming man, now I have to like turn off all my friends if I am using the GPS for directions and even worse when I am on my bike..... man I just get lost.

Dude, I am so bumming you would think someone would like have figured this one out, that like whoa dudes and dudettes (exspecially dudettes) would like need the directions on where they are driving when they get a call.

Common MotoMan like man up and turn it back on.

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Re: GPS GB and Bluetooth

Hello.  If I am understanding you correctly (not so well versed on valley-speak) you appear to have purchased a third party application to enable the function you have described on your DX, it is incumbent upon the developer of the application software to update his code to the specifications that are provided by Google to the developers well in advance of the new update that will ultimately be transmitted over-the-air for the consumers.  Based upon what you have described here, this falls squarely in the lap of the developer, not Motorola.    --- Dan