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What's DOS?
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I don't agree to Moto stealing my credentials?

I recently discovered Motorola devices capture information such as usernames/passwords for social networking sites, YouTube, Picasa and other services and GPS info, and send it to computers at Motorola, for who knows what to be done with it.

When you log in with most of these services, the data is proxied through Motorola servers so they can see exactly what you are looking at while it goes through their systems on it's way from the service (such as Facebook) to your phone.  This is as opposed to other phones, where the data goes directly from Facebook to your phone without anyone in between eavesdropping.

You can find more info at for starters.  If you search on Google, there's plenty of other sites running the same story.

Now I bought my Droid X2 a month or two after they came out, my first Motorola smartphone, and I don't remember ever agreeing to give Motorola my usernames and passwords to the services I use, or let them run my data through their systems so they can eavesdrop and watch what I do.  I paid good money for my phone and I don't see any reason why any of that information is Motorola's business.  I can't think of any legitimate reason why Motorola should have my Facebook password. 

I was wondering what everyone else's opinion was on this.  Personally, I feel violated.  However, I would think this would have to be disclosed in an agreement somewhere when you set up the phone.  I actually did read through the agreements when I got my phone and don't remember reading anything about them storing any of this information.  The GPS data I'm not too concerned about.  Maybe they want to find out where their phones are being used and help carriers build towers in the right areas.  But having my Facebook password floating around somewhere at Motorola makes me nervous.  What if I upset a Motorola employee and they go in and start reading my private messages?

Do any of you remember seeing anything about this in the agreements for your phones?

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Moto Sr Moderator
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Re: I don't agree to Moto stealing my credentials?

Some of it has been explained here and according to this article from the user agreements did discuss that information was being gathered


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