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What's DOS?
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My Rant

                Back in early 2011 I left AT&T and switched over to Verizon… I was under the impression that service and customer service would both be better. So… 4 months into my contract and I had billing issues every month. Not minor ones, but major… we are talking $100+ issues every month… I had to call them every billing cycle to have it worked out. Once I finally got that straight… I started having issues in the summer of 2011. My phone was adamant that it was actually the year 2036 and I could not send text messages out, however I could receive them. I called the customer support center and they tried everything they could to help to no avail… they then patched me through to Motorola who could not help me either. When I got off work that night I received a call from Verizon. I spent over nine hours on the phone with them over the next two days (not counting the time I spent in one of their stores) while they tried to figure out what the issue was… (By this time there were several hundred others from my area who were having this issue as well and all on the Droid X). Their final decision was to send me a new phone. Instead of receiving a new droid x, I received a used one… and oddly, the next day I received a droid 2 via mail.  I sent the droid 2 back, turned on the “New” droid X and it was having the same problem, so I sent it back… at the end of the month my bill was just over $1200 even though THEY had made the decision to send me the phones… It took me over a week to get the bill situated again and then the problem disappeared.


                Now, over the last three weeks my phone AND the secondary phone I have on my line (another droid x) have developed a screen flicker issue… mine will flicker for a few minutes while I am using it and if I keep going beyond that, the screen goes completely black… this has pretty much rendered the phone to be useless. I am 2 months away from my renewal date and Verizon will not help me. I do not have insurance on the phone and they tell me it’s a Motorola problem. So I call Motorola and they tell me that there are multiple complaints with the droid x doing this (as is evident all over the internet) yet they can’t do anything about it unless I send it in for 5-7 business days to be repaired and pay them a $110 fee to repair it.  They told me to get a loaner phone from Verizon while I did this… however, after talking to local Verizon stores… they don’t do “loaner” phones.


                I rant because I am tired of the back and forth of the situation. I’m tired of being told that since I am already a customer that they could care less about me. It seems as though at some point in time that businesses in America stopped being “Customer Oriented” and became “Potential Customer Oriented”.