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OPERATION: Make Ourselves Heard (#OPMOSH)

and now, disgruntled Motorola phone owners are starting a campaign to make their voices heard.



OPERATION: Make Ourselves Heard (#OPMOSH)

We here, in the movement of #OPMOSH do not consider this spam, we do not consider this slandering Moto, we simply use this as a method of having our concerns heard. Motorola Mobility Inc. has been a powerful company that has been around for a very long time, and one we hope to see long in the future as well, before and after the Google buyout. That being said...

About this movement:
[removed] ...full-out war was launched on their social media sites. Sound familiar? The same thing that worked with HTC and now with Asus. We received a generic "second half of 2011" timing. Guess what! It's now Q1 2012, and not only have they missed their deadline, but they have IGNORED all bootloader-related questions, given NO official announcement of their plans still being in motion, and thus must have forgotten that we are a core, dedicated community that wishes nothing more than to enjoy the phones we were given. Let's make ourselves heard yet again, turn the heat up, and make Moto (like HTC)[removed] DO SOMETHING. Everyone counts!

So....What can I do?

Select Wireless Telephone > Billing, Service, Privacy, Number Portability and other issues > Online Form. Fill out your information, scroll down, fill out 1 and 2, skip 3 and 4. Then in 5:

- Tell the FCC that your phone’s bootloader was sold to you locked, preventing the regulatory requirement of BLOCK C Devices (MAKE SURE TO MENTION BLOCK C!!!) that "Consumers should be able to download and utilize any software applications, content, or services they desire" - make sure to cite that.

- Also helpful would be dispelling the "Reasonable network management" exclusion. Tell the FCC that Verizon allows tethering of unauthorized devices to 4G LTE services through their mobile hotspots and their paid phone tethering functionality as-is, ones that are more bandwidth-hungry and also permit installing custom operating systems, and have a potential of doing significantly more damage, such as laptops.

If you don't want to write yours up manually, we will have a pre-made step 5 that you can just copy paste soon, hopefully.


To Whom It May Concern,

The independent communities that you catered to with your announcement earlier last year are very very excited for your bootloader unlock solution. However, the "second half" of 2011 has come and gone quietly; why is it that the public has received no notice that the bootloader unlock solution is still in works? A small-scale petition has made its rounds about the Android community, and has already gained over 500 signatures about 30 hours after being made public:

Clearly, the demand is still quite strong (as can be seen on your social media networks, Facebook and Twitter), and it would be quite reassuring to the communities that not only pay for your devices every upgrade opportunity, but also help develop the Android operating system that we all know and love, to have an announcement that the bootloader unlock/relock solution is still on track for a timely release. This would also potentially double as reassurance to on-the-fence Galaxy Nexus/HTC smartphone buyers to go with the Motorola Droid RAZR, with its KEVLAR backing, 4G LTE speed, powerful 1.2 GHz dual core processor, and new bootloader unlock/relock solution instead. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your response.

A Motorola Mobility Entusiast.

@Motorola - How about those unlocked bootloaders you promised second half of 2011? @HTC cares, do you?

@Motorola - I'm a faithful Motorola customer, and I'm starting to have second thoughts. Honor what Android stands for, openness, and give us the bootloader unlock tool that you promised "second-half of 2011". #OPMOSH

This is included in the email, so it is crucial that it continues to grow in number.

We NEED to be heard to get anywhere. Spread the word to your Facebook friends, your Twitter friends, your Google Talk friends, your favorite Android news site... Spread the word! Bring freedom to the Android ecosystem, like Andy Rubin and Rich Miner intended.
Thank you SO much for your support. This community is amazing and I know our endeavors will be successful. See you on Moto's Facebook!


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Re: OPERATION: Make Ourselves Heard (#OPMOSH)

Good luck with this. To paraphrase a movie I saw recently, "Motorola couldn't hear a dump truck driving through a nitroglycerin plant". My plan is to just vote with my feet and avoid the hassle. Motorola, you are dead to me.

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Re: OPERATION: Make Ourselves Heard (#OPMOSH)

 I will not buy another Motorola phone until they respect their own word.   I refused and will go with any other company that does.  Galaxy Nexus looks pretty sweet.

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Re: OPERATION: Make Ourselves Heard (#OPMOSH)

Motorola you have spurned me for the VERY last time. I feel as if I have served a two-year sentance in bootloader jail, not being able to own my own device. Never again will I allow myself to feel that way.


It is such a shame too, I have been looking at the MotoACTV, because the Motoactv is a really cool device that is fully unlockable and rootable and has serious potential for amazing features. I mean seriously, 600mhz processor, 256MB RAM, BT, Wifi, GPS, all in a tiny 1.6 screen package!? Pure awesome! I mean my first android phone (the MyTouch3G) barely had those kinda specs. But because of the general lack of support for the development community, outside of the proprietary MotoDev community, I will refuse to purchase this and any other Motorola device, and will continue to vehemently urge every person i come in contact with to do the same.


Until you start giving support to the development community, and follow through on the promises you make, I say BOYCOTT MOTOROLA!

Sincerely, Mycahya Eggleston


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Re: OPERATION: Make Ourselves Heard (#OPMOSH)

I don't object to the petition being here, but I am editing the language of the opening post. If you are going to frame it in such a way, you can take it elsewhere. If you want to simply give people an opportunty to access this petition, fine.

Please do not PM me - if you have issues, search the forums for threads on your topic and post there, or start a new thread. Thanks!
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Re: OPERATION: Make Ourselves Heard (#OPMOSH)

Matt (Forums Manager) said:

I don't object to the petition being here, but I am editing the language of the opening post. If you are going to frame it in such a way, you can take it elsewhere. If you want to simply give people an opportunty to access this petition, fine.



Just for the record, I just copied the announcement word for word from the link provided above. You are more than welcome to edit it, as it is mostly for informational purposes. That said, given the fact that you guys said there would be an unlocking solution by the end of 2011 and failed to provide one does lend credence to the charge made in the edited text. Same goes with the complete lack of information with regard to a fix for the Droid X. As I've noted in previous posts and comments, I actually do love Motorola hardware, I think you guys make some of the best in the Android world, but your software team really needs a kick in the unmentionables, as they really screw up what would otherwise be kick ass phones. The Droid X was merely the first example in a running line. I'm at a point where I'm hard pressed to recommend or even consider purchasing a Motorola phone for myself on Verizon once my contract runs out. The lack of information regarding fixes for the Droid X has really soured me on Motorola products.

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Re: OPERATION: Make Ourselves Heard (#OPMOSH)

Any updates on this?

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Re: OPERATION: Make Ourselves Heard (#OPMOSH)

S.Roy said:

Any updates on this?

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