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What's DOS?
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Two Years Too Many

(Written in June. Update follows). Why I put up with this Droid X for nearly two years, I don't know. Terrible software and each update, Froyo, GB and the latest mini-update, made it even more of a buggy glitchy phone. And I went through several exchanges, so it wasn't just one phone. My posts and comments over the past two years explain all the issues. Moto, this phone was rock solid when it comes to hardware and terrible when it comes to software. My order has been placed for a phone by a different manufacturer. I know, this post will get the "don't let the door hit ya" type of replies. Moto, I'm just one customer. Who cares? But my experience with this Droid X will cause me to never purchase another Moto. And, assuming I can get through this post without my phone rebooting, a quick comment. The commercials with "Droid can...." make me laugh out loud. Mine sure couldn't. UPDATE: I waited before I posted this, just to see if my next phone was any different. MAN, is it! The past four months with my new phone (including an update) is what I imagined and expected my experience would be with my DX. I won't mention my new phone by name. It is not an iPhone. And one final thing. I was so impressed with my new phone that I purchased a 10" tablet from the same manufacturer. Adios, my fellow forum members.

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Re: Two Years Too Many

I'm sorry you had such a difficult experience with your DX. I wasn't too fond of the software updates either. I upgraded to the Razr HD then got the original Razr but I'm very happy with my Droid Ultra. I still have my Razrs and DX which I use for gaming and music. The X would be a great gaming device if decent games were avalible for it. 

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Re: Two Years Too Many

You are talking about a phone from 4 years ago. 4 year old technology is ancient compared to the newer phones. I am glad that you are happy with your new phone. 

I am not a Motorola/Lenovo Employee. I am just a volunteer who happens to be a Moderator. All comments are my own and are not necessarily Motorola/Lenovo's position.