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DROID X2-Album cover art display

I have been downloading music from my PC(Windows Vista OS)to my DX2.All the music is .wma format and plays fine.Albums/songs purchased/downloaded from online sources display album cover art in the applicable places on the music player,as do albums/songs from my own band that are ripped from CDs("Album cover art" for the latter is from my pictures folder on my PC).But for music ripped from my commercial(music store bought)CDs,no album art will display.This is typically my kind of puzzle,but I'm stumped...On the PC side I've made sure all attributes in properties of the albums/songs I'm downloading match.In the DX2 music files,I examine each albums' subfolder and see each song file displayed _and_ even the album art files and the desktop.ini file.At this point,I can click on each little picture and it will display,regardless of how the music was acquired,yet only the commercial art won't jump to the player.I know that when I rip the commercial CDs,the album art is acquired online and auto-pasted into Windows Media player,so I'm wondering if the .ini files for the the commercial CDs' artwork is encoded in a different way that disallows the pictures from displaying in the DX2 player.If so,is there any solution? I'm not a hacker so I don't know how to get into those .ini files,if indeed they are the issue.I know it's a nitpicky thing,but would like to rectify if possible.I truly appreciate any response.

Moto Sr Moderator
Moto Sr Moderator
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Re: DROID X2-Album cover art display

I use an app called iTag - Music Tag Editor. It is a great app that will look up the information on a song and you just pick what you want and save. It has done a fabulous job for me and no experience is needed!

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