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What's DOS?
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Data Retrieve

I have an X2 and the touchscreen quit working due to a phone drop that popped out the screen, the repair place said the ribbon had a cut in it. The screen comes on I get all phone calls and texts, but oviously cannot answer or unlock screen due to the touchscreen.

Is there any way to get the data and back it up with out having to have the phone unlocked, any software or programs?

DansDroid Moto Emeritus
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Re: Data Retrieve

You can give this a try, I can't guarantee it will work on your phone.  If you have a Windows 7 computer (preferably), connect your phone up to a USB port on your computer using your OEM charging cable.  *If* your computer recognizes your DX2 as a mass storage device, you will see it under "Start" > "Computer" > "drives" on your PC.  If that is the case you will be able to backup your phone to your PC.  You won't need to backup your external (removable) microSDHC card because you will be able to put it in any replacement phone of your choice.    --- Dan

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